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We are presenting our collection of best free cartoon games for you to play. We hope you will enjoy your time while playing these awesome games here with us. Many very well known cartoon characters are here and waiting for you like Sponge Bob, Scooby Doo, Duffy Duck and many others. Now, start playing and feel free to have loads of fun!!

Creepy Cave

Watch out the danger behind those bushes.
Guide Shaggy and Scooby to the cave and avoid
any danger along the way. Don't let them get
too frightened. Take care where you walk.
Analyze your next step carefully. Use
keyboard keys to walk. Press space bar...

Scoobys Ripping Ride

Scooby is surfing. Keep his balance or he
will fall off. If that happens wax up and get
back on that board. At the beginning you pick
one of the boards offered. Arrow keys control
your balance. Up key will get you on top of

Duffy Duck Perfect Ladning

Duffy is jumping off the plane and you need
to help him make the perfect landing. You
should check the wind and make the right
moment to jump off. Click jump when ready.
Don't forget to open the parachute, or the
Duffy Duck get smashed...

Scooby Doo Big Air 2

New big air contest. This is a sequel of the
famous cartoon game Scooby Doo Big Air.
Welcome to the curse at the half pipe. Just
use arrow keys, go left and right, and repeat
that long enough to get Scooby off the ramp.

Mickey Mouse Lost Treasure

Our friend Mickey has always been a bit of an
adventurer. This time he is after the lost
treasure of Maroon. You need to help him get
there and find the treasure. Make sure you
get him there in one piece. This is kind of...

Bugs Bunny Carrot Hunt

You are Bugs Bunny in this game. You will do
now what bunnies do best...hop! Lead Bugs
ahead and across the ravines by jumping over
them. There are lots of carrots along the way
and you should make sure Bugs collects the
most of them...

Dirty Bubble Buster

Sponge Bob and Patrick are armed with a
vacuum cleaner in a battle against dirty
bubbles. Help them to recycle trash that
enemy bubbles are leaving behind, and keep
our ocean bottom clean. You can use keys to
run jump and crouch. Stay away from...

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