Tom & Jerry 2014

Truck Wars

Tom, Jerry and Tyke the bulldog have decided
to try out as terrain vehicle drivers.
Somewhere outside the city they have found a
hilly terrain which serves as a trail for
their mini competition. You control Tom's
vehicle and your job is to get to...

Tom And Jerry Bikers

Tom and Jerry act like real dangerous bikers.
They drove out of town up in the mountains to
exercise driving in hilly terrain. The
controls are standard. Left and right arrows
to balance, up and down for acceleration and
deceleration. There is a possibility to

Xtreme Adventure 3

This is the third and the final part of Tom
and Jerry's 'extreme' adventure. After
playing the first two parts we have expected
that developers would have taken into an
account the suggestions and tips from the
players, fix the mistakes and make the game

Tom Vacuum Rush

This is going to be one crazy chase, because
we see Tom armed with a vacuum cleaner and
Jerry running away in panic. This must be one
of Tom's latest brilliant ideas on how to get
his hands on Jerry. It remains to be seen...

Cheese Caper

Jerry is the brains of the operation called
'cheese theft'. His little cousin came to
visit and he thought it would be nice to
serve him some fresh cheese. Hm, some... Tom
is counting exactly on that. He hid near the
mouse hole and he...


Bomberman is a logic type of game where we
have board with obstacles and bombs which
explode and open new paths. Usually the goal
is to find the way out of the labyrinth or
you win by blowing up the enemy. Here we have

Food Free For All

Perhaps Jerry thinks that the food is free
for all but Tom certainly doesn't agree with

What is it

Jerry jumps on upside down
glasses and collects pieces of cheese. Tom is
also there, and he is jumping behind Jerry
trying to catch him. Jerry's...

Run Jerry Run 2

Tom sure does deserve a lesson, so lets teach
him one. Your goal is to escape with cheese
and don't let that Tom cat ever be a problem
again. You run away from him through many
different levels and stages, avoiding
obstacles crashing wooden boxes...

Xtreme Adventure 2

This is the second sequel of Jerry's 'Xtreme'
adventure where he is trying to escape
hundreds of Tom clones on his way home.
Basically this is a very simple platformer
where you only use three commands on the
keyboard, to run left and right and...

Tom And Jerry Extreme Adventure

Extreme Adventure is a platformer adventure
with Tom and Jerry, where you play as Jerry,
collect cheese, jump over obstacles and jump
from one platform to the next. On his way
home this little mouse will have to face
hundreds of identical Tom clones chasing...
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